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Reading is hard. Taking actions is harder. That’s why we created Zeroton – a place where people share actions and lessons from books, readily for you to apply them to your life!

Traditional pathway to Goals:

Zeroton pathway to Goals:

take more actions

Zeroton’s mission is to help you take more actions in today’s world of distractions and information overload.

Actionable Insights

Problem: Information Overload

Solution: Books to Actions

Habit Formation

Problem: Fail to be Consistent

Solution: Collaborative Learning


Problem: Lack Clarity

Solution: To be Announced

How does zeroton v0.1 works❓

Zeroton is a platform for learning and taking actions from non-fiction books.

1. Books to Actions 📚

Reading is powerful because it expands our knowledge and perspective. But knowledge in itself is not enough. We need to take actions. The question is how can we extract those actions without the high cost of reading? The answer is…

A Community of book readers

If each reader shares at least ONE actionable insight from books, we would have access to millions of actions!

As a community, we learn, grow, and succeed together!

2. Action Takers 🧗🏻

Don’t have time to read books? Want to take actions straight away? We gotcha!

All Actions At your finger tips

Access to a wealth of distilled knowledge and actions

Take Smarter actions

Mix n' match smart actions from best-seller books

Slack Community

Weekly action-focused "book club" and accountability sessions to share knowledge / experiences

Don’t know how to get started? We have curated pathways for you to start taking actions!

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