About Us

Our Mission

We are here to enable people to have an action-focused mindset, and to provide them with the tools and information to achieve their goals.

Our People


PhD CS student @ Imperial
Fellow @ Founders of the Future

  • 3 years experience as NLP Data Scientist at startups and large corporates
  • NLP research, both in academia and industry
  • AWSCCP Certified
  • Experienced building NLP products from idea to production


Product Manager @ FinTech startup
Startup Success @ London Business School

  • 5.5 years of startup experience from business inception till commercial product launch
  • Experience in building cross functional dev teams from ground up in Japan, Malaysia, and UK
  • Product Leader Certified
  • Scrum Product Owner Certified
  • AWSCCP Certified


Data Scientist @ CryptoCompare

  • 3 years experience as Data Scientist at different startups
  • Software engineering & Cloud Infrastructure
  • Machine learning and NLP research
  • Experienced in information retrieval, data aggregation and building products from idea to production