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Reading is hard. Taking actions is harder. That’s why we created Zeroton – a place where people share actions and lessons from books, readily for you to apply it to your life!

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Zeroton helps you take more actions in today’s world of distractions and information overload.

Actionable Insights

Problem: Information Overload

Solution: Books to Actions

Habit Formation

Problem: Fail to be Consistent

Solution: Collaborative Learning


Problem: Lack Clarity

Solution: To be Announced

Personal Development Journey

What does a typical personal development journey looks like?

Regular 🔋

The journey from ideas to actions is messy ðŸ§­ 

🤯 Information Overload
More time on research and filtering information

😣 Consistency
Fail to stay consistent with actions to see significant results

⛰️ Clear Vision
Lack clarity as to why you are doing what you are doing

Zeroton ⚡

Mastery means taking actions on what you have learned ðŸ”¥

💡 Streamline
Streamlines the journey from ideas to actions

💡 Iterate
Iterate the Learn -> Actions -> Results + Eval cycle faster

💡 Together
Your global friend that can recommend you the best resources

How does zeroton v0.1 work❓

Zeroton is a social network for learning and taking actions. We are starting with sharing actions from books. Share your knowledge. Together, we can all grow, learn, and succeed ❤️

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